Innovative, next-generation AAV capsid platform

Voyager’s proprietary RNA-based functional screening technology, TRACER (Tropism Redirection of AAV by Cell-type-specific Expression of RNA), uses a directed evolution approach in non-human primates to identify novel capsids with improved ability to target specific cells and tissues that are often difficult to reach with current gene therapy delivery methods.

Non-human primate (NHP) data presented at ASGCT 2021 demonstrated that after intravenous dosing of TRACER capsid 9P801 resulted in more than 1,000-fold or higher transgene expression in the brain, and 100-fold higher transgene expression in the spinal cord, compared to AAV9. Additional data showed the Company’s novel capsid variants effectively penetrated the blood brain barrier and achieved widespread biodistribution and transduction of multiple regions of the brain including the cortex, thalamus, striatum, cerebellum, brainstem and spinal cord.

See the full data presentations from ASGCT 2021.