Path to Progress

Novel AAV capsids born from Voyager’s RNA-driven TRACERTM screening platform hold promise to target desired cells and tissues with greater specificity, at lower doses, and with fewer off-target risks than conventional AAV serotypes. TRACER capsids power internal product development and external partnerships with the goal of elevating the field of gene therapy to its highest potential.1

The Science

Equipped for the Journey

We see each step in our journey as progress toward unlocking the full potential of gene therapy. This is an opportunity to evolve, innovate, and close in on this breakthrough that has enormous promise to change the trajectory of disease and positively alter the lives of millions of people.

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1 Nonnenmacher, et al. “RNA-driven Evolution of AAV Capsid Libraries Identifies Variants with High Transduction Efficiency in Non-Human Primate Central Nervous System.” ASGCT 2021.

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