Our allies in realizing the potential of neurogenetic medicine

Voyager has entered into a number of different business development arrangements for our TRACER-derived capsids and for our programs. Examples include:

Capsid Licenses


  • Validation (third-party buy-in, potential program use)
  • Near-term funding (upfront and option exercise payments)
  • Long-term funding
    (milestones and royalties)
  • Multiple ‘shots on goal’ to prove human translation

Program Partnerships


  • Significant long-term potential value (profit share or milestones and royalties)
  • Cost savings (program funding)
  • Validation (investment into program)
  • Near-term funding (upfront, early development milestone payments)

Additional Structures


  • Opportunities to combine TRACER capsids and receptor technology with cutting-edge payloads and biologics, placing Voyager at forefront of neurogenetic medicine
  • Various deal structures with range of participation being explored