Revolutionizing delivery
across the blood-brain barrier.


Our Platform: TRACER

Reaching CNS targets once thought unreachable.

Voyager’s TRACER™ (Tropism Redirection of AAV by Cell-type-specific Expression of RNA) capsid discovery platform is a broadly applicable, RNA-based screening platform that enables rapid discovery of AAV capsids with robust penetration of the blood-brain barrier and enhanced central nervous system (CNS) tropism in multiple species, including non-human primates (NHPs).

Non-Viral Approaches

Multiple modalities to treat neurological diseases.

The Voyager team has expertise in the discovery and development of monoclonal antibodies as well as in receptor-mediated non-viral delivery to the central nervous system.

“I love how we all get to collaborate, even though we are on different teams.”

Gretchen Rivera, Research Associate II, Vector Genome

Our Pipeline

Transforming breakthrough science into medicines.


Our allies in realizing the potential of neuro-genetic medicines