Multiple modalities to treat neurological diseases.

Monoclonal Antibodies

The Voyager team has discovered multiple antibodies as part of the anti-tau antibody program and other research programs. Some of these programs have been advanced in a vectorized setting, such as the anti-amyloid beta program, while others have been advanced in a non-vectorized setting, such as the anti-tau antibody program.

Potential for Receptor-Mediated CNS Delivery

Voyager’s Receptor X discovery broadens potential across neurogenetic medicines.

  • Human and mouse receptors tested; confirmed human form binds capsids
  • Significantly increases transduction of VCAP-101 and VCAP-102 capsids in vitro
  • Ligand identified
  • Data presented at ESGCT 2022, ASGCT 2023
  • Actively using Receptor X to speed evolution of novel capsid families

Work underway to leverage Receptor X for potential non-viral CNS delivery